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“The tuna blaster is chewing em up and spitting them out. I can’t seem to catch enough to slow anything down refrigeration wise.”

Josh Moore – F/V Castaway

Purchased 2012 Hydraulic Drive 7.5 RSW in 2010

“I love the Pacific West Refrigeration equipment. I own a 7.5 ton hydraulic unit that I use to chill salmon in Bristol Bay. In my opinion there is no equal to this well engineered piece of equipment. You can hardly hear it running and it works flawlessly.

The people at PacWest are always available, friendly and easy to work with. I am just about ready to receive my second 7.5 ton unit for a Maritime 32 Bristol Bay boat now under construction.”

Purchased 2013 Hydraulic Drive in 2012

“I used to stare at the temp gauge of my RSW system and wonder. With the PacWest system I turn it on and forget about it. My product is always delivered cold. It’s a complete no hassle system.”

Mike Morgan – F/V Kaela Ann

I have fished for 45 years and owned numerous vessels. Most of my boats have used Pacific West Refrigeration Units whether for freezing or with RSW systems. The previous 6 commercial fishing boats built by Northwest Aluminum Craft Inc. for me have had Pacific West Refrigeration RSW Systems installed. The new NWAC boat being constructed for 2013 will have a Pacific West Refrigeration – RSW unit also.

Doug Beguin – Owner/Operator: Quest Fishing Ltd.

The 23 Ton RSW package we purchased from Pacific West Refrigeration in 2012 performs better than any older R22 style 30 Ton system, We are adding 100,000 lbs of fish and chilling them from seawater temp. down to 32° F in 4 hours. We run Pac West systems on 6 vessels and they all perform excellent for our Salmon Packing application.

Chris France – Walkus Fishing

Just wanted to let you know this is my 3rd RSW system. My previous vessels had crab capacity of 35,000 lbs with an 18 Ton system. With these other systems the best we have ever achieved was a chilling factor of 1 degree per hour.

The L’ACADIE has a crab capacity of 55,000 lbs. We are amazed that we are chilling the water 1 degree in 20 minutes with your 25 Ton system. We landed in excess of 500,000 lbs of crab in less than 10 weeks with 0 mortality rate with some trips exceeding 10 days. The crab off loaders have told us that by far it’s the best RSW crab they have seen. The system has performed so well that we are amazed and would highly recommend Pacific West Refrigeration RSW System.

Wayne Coady – F/V L’ACADIE

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