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Single Contact Freezer PlatesA Better Solution for Profitable Freezing

Pacific West Refrigeration freezer plates are the preferred choice when compared to others. They are superior in performance and quality at a very competitive price. Their highly enhanced surface area, both inside and out, provides excellent heat exchange properties. The outstanding corrosion resistance guarantees long life. Our aluminum evaporator plate dominates the commercial fishing industry of British Columbia, is in widespread use along the entire west coast of North America and finds ever greater acceptance in many commercial fishing communities around the world.

Freezer plates are available in multiples of 8 inches (20cm) wide and up to 20 feet (610cm) long.

These hold plates are the excellent base for most of our equipment.

Cold storage spaces on land today are invariably kept refrigerated by means of blower coils. These coils are inexpensive, easy to install and easy to defrost; however, on fishing vessels they have several disadvantages:

  • They require a lot of space to be left empty for air circulation thus reducing the already limited storage capacity
  • They cause considerable product dehydration. This is because their operation inherently results in both temperature cycling and temperature gradients across the storage space. These gradients become even more severe when insufficient space is left for air circulation


Typical hold keeping plates

They can be supplied in multiples of 8 inches (20cm) wide and in increments of inches from 24″ (60 cm) to 20′ (6 m) long.





Typical layout of under-deck plates, which in a vessel with sufficient insulation can maintain temperatures of minus 40 degrees and lower.




Hold Keeping Plates are made using all the same materials as our racks and are supplied with simple inlet and outlet flanges. These Stainless Steel swivel flanges are custom built by Pacific West Refrigeration. They simplify installation and are corrosion resistant.

Hold Keeping Plates can be built into custom sizes.

The size can range from any 8” increment wide by any length up to 20′ long

Hold keeping plate rating is estimated at: 175-225 BTU/sq. ft. SCH 40 or SCH 80

Versatile for any hold configuration:



Triple Deck Head Plates are an added bonus when configuring your hold because when mounted to the roof your product can be quick frozen on this mini one shelf rack.



Pacific West Refrigeration SCH 80 and SCH 40 Freezer Plate Facts

Based on years of experience Pacific West Refrigeration have become leaders in the design, production and installation of specialized refrigeration systems for the fishing industry. One of the key ingredients to our success is our FREEZER PLATES. They are a single contact plate that requires little maintenance and drop to temperatures well below -55°F. The fact that they are aluminum extruded plates and return bends make them by far the best when it comes to structural support.


The size can range from any 8” increment wide by any length up to 20′

This makes them versatile for any hold configuration and leaves lots of room for product storage.

QUALITY OF CATCH is far greater when using Pacific West Refrigeration freezer plates:

  • Low product dehydration (more weight when selling)
  • Nicer looking product
  • Quality product when thawed and ready for consumption

Quality freezing means more of a profit.

LOW COST of buying and maintaining our freezer plates is proven in the following ways:

  • Less refrigerant required than in other freezer plate systems
  • Stainless Swivel flanges for corrosion resistance (Custom built by Pacific West Refrigeration)
  • Extra long service life because they are made from extruded aluminum

LOW COST when compared with double contact freezing:

  • Almost half the cost initially when buying single contact compared to double
  • Less maintenance when compared with double contact freezing (less mechanical parts)
  • Individually frozen fish freeze faster with their original shape (good looks) intact.
  • Any boxed/container or whole fish item (with air pockets) freezes almost or just as fast.

TECHNICAL INFO about Pacific West Refrigeration SCH 80 Freezer plates:

  • Extruded out of 6005 T5 aluminum which has the same minimum properties as 6061 T6.
  • SCH 80 plates have a slightly decreased tube size which ensures better oil return and more capacity per sq. ft.
  • Weight is 5.11lb. / sq. ft.

TECHNICAL INFO about Pacific West Refrigeration SCH 40 Freezer plates:

  • Extruded out of 6063 aluminum
  • SCH 40 plates have a bigger tube size which allows for longer runs per TX valve
  • Weight is 4.97lb. / sq. ft


  • Hold keeping plates
  • Freezer racks including racks built into (self contained) freezer cabinets.
  • Keel cooled condensers on aluminum boats
  • Submersible Chiller tank plates
  • Container freezing

Pacific West Refrigeration Freezer Plate

An evaporator plate that has proven itself many times over in the North American market. This plate has received its ultimate test with over 15 years of use in the harsh environment of the fishing industry. It is manufactured by Pacific West Refrigeration located in Sechelt, B.C. and is made from an aluminum extrusion, with all the features of an ideal single contact freezer plate and come in either SCH 40 or SCH 80:

  • A flat surface on top of a heavy aluminum bed for maximum conductivity and heat transfer out of the product placed on it.
  • A heavily finned bottom surface for maximum heat exchange with the air over the product.
  • A sturdy, augmented (internally finned) refrigerant passage every four inches, keeps the amount of refrigerant required to a minimum, while providing a maximum of heat exchange surface with that refrigerant.

    These plates are being manufactured in widths that can be any multiple of 8 inches (20 cm) wide and any length from less than 4 feet (1.2 meters) to 16 feet (4.9 meters) long. Besides their use in product freezing, they are also ideal as ceiling plates in low temperature storage areas where their particular advantages are required:
  • Low product dehydration
  • Constant uniform temperature
  • Minimum space requirement (compared to blower unit air circulation)
  • Availability in wide range of shapes and sizes to suit any space

The construction of these plates is very strong, with all piping equivalent to either schedule 80 or schedule 40. This makes them highly resistant to damage and abuse as well as to corrosion. Their aluminum construction makes them suitable for use with any refrigerant currently in service including ammonia and also makes them ideal for ultra low temperature applications.

Individual and custom plates are supplied with stainless steel inlet and outlet flanges. Assemblies of plates into complete freezer racks with a wide variety of sizes and configurations are also available. Some of these use a distributed system for maximum efficiency and simple installation. They are low in initial cost and yearly maintenance when compared to double contact freezing and are proven to produce better product when freezing whole fish or filets.

The freezer plates, assembled into a rack are built into a compact, self-contained, cabinet freezer capable of freezing 2,000 to 8,000 pounds of product a day. This unit is complete with all refrigeration and controls and is ready for connection to power and water supplies. The freezer plates are also fabricated into a standard production line freezer/storage chest, designated for use on smaller fishing vessels and sport camps.

Large plate racks are also available in fully flooded versions.

We estimate the BTU rating for hold plates between 200 and 250/sq. ft. at -40° F
We estimate the BTU rating for freezer racks between 250 and 350/sq. ft. at -40° F (depending on SCH of plate used and fan output).

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