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Choosing Pacific West Refrigeration to build your next Marine Refrigeration System is the right choice.  We are committed to always operating with integrity in everything we do. We will continue to be innovators and deliver industry-leading products. We are committed to the highest standards in manufacturing and unit performance.  We offer a variety of products including Refrigerated Sea Water Systems (RSWs), Hold Plates, Custom Freezer Racks and Low Temp Marine Condensing Units.

Your finished RSW is put through a series of Run Tests to ensure product quality and performance.
No unit leaves untested.  Chilling water is our speciality!

Welcome to Pacific West Refrigeration's new 2021 website, launched in time for the 2021 Pacific Marine Expo and the start of 2022 fishing season.

Like many companies, we are working hard to keep up with the supply chain to ensure our customers are getting their system on time! 

The new web site includes a new parts section so existing fisherman with Pac West units can easily find parts associated with their specific system.  We also have an interactive technical bulletins section that will come online as technical information becomes available for products, systems, and Pac West views on marine refrigeration technology.  

Pacific West is Leading the way with Eco Friendly solutions that matter to people and our planet

Pacific West RSW’s are tested and approved for use with R-448A refrigerant.  R448A is currently the most energy efficient and lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential) and non-flammable alternative to R404A and R507.  The first Pac West R-448A 8.5Ton Hydraulic Drive RSW was introduced at the 2018 Pacific Marine Expo.  The hydraulic load is lighter and the chill times are comparative to R404A / R507 systems. 

R-452A has also been tested and approved on Pac West RSW’s for a near drop in substitute  R-452 offers similar levels of refrigeration performance, reliability and refrigerant charge while reducing the environmental impact.  R-452A has a GWP that is almost half that of R-404A / R-507 and is a direct drop in replacement for R-404A.  Although, R-452A has a higher GWP than R-448A, a slightly higher load on the drive systems, and slightly lower capacity than R-448A, R404A /R507, it should be kept in the tool box for its simplicity to convert existing R-404A / R507A systems to a low GWP refrigerant.  Evacuate, Fill and Go!   R-452A has be adopted as the low GWP refrigerant of choice for transport refrigeration including seagoing refrigeration containers.

Moving forward into 2022 season, Pacific West will be offering both R-404A / R-507 and R-448A on new systems, enabling the fisherman to choose the option best suited for their operation.

As we look at preserving the planet for future generations, we are committed to changing to HFC-free refrigerants in all Pac West RSW’s.

For a more detailed look into this topic look in technical bulletins.