High Efficient Titanium
Turbo Chillers


REPLACING an old leaky chiller? Use a PWR small STACKED titanium chiller to replace the old box style chillers.
REPLACING an old leaky chiller? Use a PWR DUAL titanium chiller to replace the old conventional tube chiller.




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PWR Titanium Chillers were invented and are manufactured by Pacific West Refrigeration at our plant in Sechelt, B.C.  We manufacture all different sizes.  Each chiller is made with coiled titanium refrigeration tubes creating the “TURBO” effect.  This effect forces the refrigerant to swirl inside the tubes which creates an amazing amount of heat transfer from the titanium tubes to the refrigerant.  The same can be said for the seawater swirling through the chiller barrel due to the special baffle design.  The end caps are made with 316L stainless steel and heavy duty rubber gaskets and stainless steel bolts provide leak proof seals.  The rugged shell is made from PVC or HDPE and is easily removable for cleaning and yearly inspection.  PWR chillers are piped in series or parallel to meet the system capacity and water pump flows.  We manufacture our chillers in two different design methods: The SINGLE barrel chiller design and the STACKED chiller design.  Both designs use replaceable titanium coils. Click the images below to view our Titanium Turbo Chiller products.

th-chiller-single-barrel   th-chiller-stacked  

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