Warranty Statement

Warranty limitations and terms registration:

This warranty is limited to one year replacement of defective components supplied by Pacific West Refrigeration Ltd (to start the day the system leaves our dock in Sechelt). Replacement components, while covered under warranty, will be provided on an exchange basis only.  Pacific West Refrigeration has the right to refuse warranty if cause of failure is determined by Pacific West Refrigeration to be due to other system problems not supplied by Pacific West Refrigeration Ltd.

While warranty is in effect, labor to repair a product must have a repair approval order# issued by Pacific West Refrigeration Ltd.  A contractor can obtain repair approval order# in writing after discussing vessel and system with Pacific West Refrigeration Ltd. (604-885 -3499); failure to do so cancels warranty agreement because we cannot guarantee proper repair procedures.  After obtaining written approval; Pacific West Refrigeration will cover warranty labor for that repair approval order #.

Under no circumstances shall Pacific West Refrigeration be liable for any consequential damage, such as, but not limited to, lost fishing time, products, or profits.  Pacific West Refrigeration is not liable for any injury that might occur from the products sold after shipment leaves our dock in Sechelt; the care, custody and control is solely the responsibility of the consignee.  Our contract does not cover any accidental damage to the boat during install or repair.  It is the owners responsibility to have insurance for installation and service work accidents. The boats owner/engineer/skipper is responsible for looking after the boat at all times.  If the invoice is not paid in full warranty work can be refused by Pacific West Refrigeration until paid; when final payment is made the remainder of the year is warranted.  By altering this warranty or refusing to sign it automatically voids any warranty offered by Pacific West Refrigeration Ltd.

A ship/shore wiring diagram is included with RSW's, condensing units and cabinets for easy over the phone troubleshooting.  RSW's, Condensing units and cabinets are run tested to ensure product reliability. With any system, new or used, it is recommended that the ship's engineer run test the refrigeration for approximately one to two weeks prior to fishing.

Applies to all labor and materials supplied by Pacific West Refrigeration Ltd.

Dave Nowell
Pacific West Refrigeration Ltd.

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