About Pacific West Refrigeration

Originating in Sechelt, BC, Pacific West Refrigeration (PWR) has been incorporated since 1995.  Manufacturing marine refrigeration has been our specialty since the beginning.  Starting with mostly local pacific coast markets such as tuna, prawn, black cod and, of course, salmon we outfitted many vessels with low temperature freezer systems, RSW’s and dual temperature systems.  In the early years most systems were designed to be built directly into the vessel’s engine room making for a tidy but tedious install.  Marine Refrigeration has developed over the years and most systems are designed and built as package skids.  The idea is to properly mount and pipe unit in a neat and tidy package prior to install on the vessel.  This not only makes for a sturdier condensing unit, it makes for a simple install.

The company’s founder and engineering talent behind all the systems developed by PWR is Dave Nowell.  In 1995 he developed our single contact SCH 80 aluminum freezer plate.  We had much success with distributed freezer racks and hold systems supplying ultra low temperature freezer systems to many commercial fishermen.  In 2000 he engineered our first turbo chiller.  It was made with copper nickel and designed for smaller operations using up to 3 ton systems.  Then in 2005 Dave acquired Gunthela Enterprise and a similar freezer plate extruded using SCH 40 aluminum.  This added more versatility in the field of low temperature freezing.

More recently in 2009 we were introduced to the Bristol Bay Fishing Fleet.  We started manufacturing RSWs designed specifically for this fishery.  The units built were mainly 7.5 ton compact RSWs that were designed to handle the rugged environment that comes with the territory.  This fishery introduced us to American refrigeration companies that we work hand in hand with to guarantee a complete install.  It has also helped pave the way for fishermen to see our product in action and show off how great our units operate to keep the fish cold.  In 2012 Pacific West Refrigeration was building and developing titanium turbo chillers that are highly efficient with replaceable titanium coils and removable housings.  Our Research and Development is always ongoing as we are always developing more unique and better systems, leading the way to more advanced marine refrigeration systems.

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