Hydraulic Drive Refrigerated Sea Water Systems – RSWs

Pacific West Refrigeration has a wide variety of Hydraulic Refrigerated Sea Water Systems (RSWs) to suit every need.

They are Pre-piped Package Units that include Pac West’s Titanium Turbo Chillers and Remote Wheelhouse Panels. Options include either Water Cooled or Keel / Transom Cooled Condensers.

Run Tested and ready to start chilling.

3 Ton Hydraulic Refrigerated Sea Water System (RSW)

3 Ton Hydraulic RSW – Perfect for Gillnetters!

The 3 Ton Hydraulic RSW chills approximately 6,250 lbs (750 gallons) of fish and water from 55°F to 34°F in 5 hours.

You can run this unit off your boat’s existing Hydraulics or install a small Hydraulic Clutch Pump Belt that is driven off the main engine.

3 Ton Hydraulic RSW Brochure

3 Ton Hydraulic RSW on HONDA 5.5HP Power Pack Brochure
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Mini 5 Ton Hydraulic Refrigerated Sea Water System (RSW)

Mini 5 Ton RSW

This RSW is a smaller version to our 7.5 Ton Bristol Bay Special. It is designed for smaller vessels wanting to chill 5,000 to 10,000 lbs of salmon per load.

Examples of chilling capabilities for the Mini 5 Ton:

  • Pre-chill 3,000 lbs of sea water down to 32°F in 3.5 hours
  • Add 6,000 lbs product to pre-chilled water product pulled down to 34°F in 2.5 hours
  • Do not pre chill water. Add 8,000 lbs fish and seawater to hold and chill down in 5 hours

Mini 5 Ton RSW Brochure
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7.5 Ton Hydraulic Refrigerated Sea Water System (RSW)

7.5 Ton Hydraulic RSW – 2015 Bristol Bay Special

The 2015 Hydraulic Drive RSW has been redesigned from the previous year’s model. The same, just better!! We have enhanced our system with input from fishermen.

This 2015 Hydraulic Drive RSW includes condenser pump accessibility from service side of unit, a circulation pump upgrade to heavy duty model, spline shaft motor and heavy duty factory greased adapter assembly.

The Pacific West Refrigeration Titanium Turbo Chiller with the compact end cap makes the unit 26″ to 39″L!

7.5 Ton Hydraulic RSW Brochure
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10 Ton Hydraulic Refrigerated Sea Water System (RSW)

10 Ton Hydraulic RSW

New 2016 10 Ton Models include:

  • The proven 330cc Compressor Upgraded to a 380cc for faster chilling!
  • The “Big Brother” with 50cc more capacity

10T Hydraulic requirements: Less Pressure = Easier Starting (4.88 cu. in. Eaton 420 Piston Pump or equivalent is required to deliver the 15 Gal/min this system needs)

10 Ton Hydraulic RSW Brochure
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12 – 50 Ton Hydraulic Refrigerated Sea Water System (RSW)

12 – 50 Ton Hydraulic RSW

This is a compact and easy way to chill fish onboard your vessel without adding another genset in your engine room.

Hydraulically driven packages use a hydraulic pump off your main to run the hydraulic motor supplied with RSW system.

This in turn drives the compressor and pumps required to chill the fish. A Bitzer compressor is used on units ranging from 13 to 18 tons in this style.

The packages are compact and will fit almost anywhere. Dimensions only vary slightly depending the on size of the system.

12 – 50 Ton Hydraulic RSW Brochure
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