Custom Freezer Racks

freezer-racks-01-460Single Contact Freezer Plates - A Better Solution for Profitable Freezing. Pacific West Refrigeration Freezer Plates are the preferred choice when compared to others. They are superior in performance and quality at a very competitive price. Their highly enhanced surface area, both inside and out, provides excellent heat exchange properties. The outstanding corrosion resistance guarantees long life. Our aluminum evaporator plate dominates the fishing industry of British Columbia, is in widespread use along the entire west coast of North America and finds ever greater acceptance in many fishing communities around the world.

Freezer plates are available in multiples of 8 inches (20cm) wide and up to 20 feet (610cm) long.

These plates are the excellent base for most of our equipment.

Pacific West Refrigeration manufactures custom freezer racks that are designed for maximum freezing capacity in the shortest amount of time.  All of our racks (including our cabinet racks) are made with:


  • SCH 80 or SCH 40 freezer plates and return bends
  • Stainless steel distributor tubes or conventional distribution
  • Accessible orifices for easy fine tuning
  • Hot gas defrost is easily incorporated into our racks
  • Stainless steel swivel flanges (exclusive to Pacific West Refrigeration)  
  • SCH 40 -BTU rating for racks is 275 to 300 BTU's/sq. ft. @ -40°F
  • SCH 80 -BTU rating for racks is 300 to 3325 BTU's/sq. ft. @ -40°F

Left - built to fit exactly to size of hold



Typical single contact plate freezer racks, sized in almost unlimited range of depth and length to fit the often limited space.

They can be designed for thermostatic expansion or pump re-circulation, equally suited to all refrigerants, ammonia as well as freon.

Below - One of two 5½ m long freezer racks, ready to be crated and shipped overseas.








Custom Design is
our Specialty!

Left- double distributed rack so it could be cut in half to fit through the hatch.

Right- free standing rack for use in a walk in freezer.  Comes complete with fans to assist with air circulating.

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