Freezer Cabinets -  SHIPBOARD READY

Freezer cabinets are designed to be mounted to the deck so product can be processed and fast frozen on deck then moved to your frozen fish hold for storage until it is offloaded at the fish plant.





 On Deck & Self Contained Freezer Cabinets

We have designed and manufactured a “fleet” of cabinets to accommodate all sizes, shapes and amounts of fish that require fast freezing.




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Need more tuna freezing capacity?

Pacific West Refrigeration’s tuna freezing cabinets produce the highest quality tuna of any mechanical freezing system on the market.  PWR cabinets combine plate and blast freezing technology to obtain this proven system.  Single stage cabinets easily pull -55°F while 2 stage systems pull -80°F or more.  Plate / blast cabinets do not require frequent defrost cycles like regular blast coils. PWR plate / blast cabinets can be supplied with an optional built in PWR 3 ton R-507 chiller. This unit will chill a high-boy tote (about 268USGal.) from 60°F to 34°F in about 1 hour and pre- chill 1,000lbs. of tuna from 80°F to 34°F in about 1.5 hours. Pacific West Refrigeration’s dual temperature technology allows you to concentrate on fishing when the bite is on while immediately cooling fish and easily processing and freezing on deck.  

Pacific West Refrigeration can also supply plate / blast cabinets and containers for hang freezing of tuna. PWR uses the same plate / blast technology for both methods of freezing.  These can be supplied as an on deck operation or as a hang on hatch unit. Both styles are standard designs with the bonus of having the units altered just enough to fit any boat layout. An optional built in PWR 3 ton R-507 chiller can be included in this option for maximum capacity and better bleeding.

Pacific West Refrigeration’s plate / blast systems are available in self contained and remote systems and also available in hydraulic, electric, and direct drive. Fisherman that use PWR our plate / blast technology know that for fast freezing it is second to none in quality and convenience. Inspectors have concluded that the product coming from PWR freezing boats are “A” grade product.  

Plate freezing or hang freezing tuna?

Plate freezing on sheets produces a small flat spot on one side of the fish while hanging allows the blood left after bleeding to collect at the head end of the tuna which is not desirable for sushi. While the hang freezing problem cannot be eliminated, it can be kept to a minimum with proper bleeding procedures. Plate / blast freezing tests with pre-chilling have shown that the flat spot from plate freezing can be overcome by pre-chilling tuna down to just above the freezing point so that the fish are already stiffened before going into the plate / blast freezer.  This has also proven to be better for bleeding the fish.

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