Brine Freezing of Fish

Immersion in fast flowing cold brines is easily the most energy efficient method of freezing any product. In the case of Roe Herring, however, it also brings substantial quality and recovery benefits. This machine has evolved over many years to perfect the brine immersion freezing of fish and in particular the herring caught for the Japanese Kazunoco market.

The fish begin their trip through the machine by being dropped into the open brine in the Pre-Chilling Channel. The purpose of this flume is to let the fish take their initial set and harden up while still floating free and straight. The Transfer Elevator drops them into the Main Immersion Conveyor. This conveyor then carries them into the machine and through its full length.


The heat transfer from the fish to the brine is so rapid, and their transit time so short, that even in a small fish like herring there will be a substantial temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the individual fish. Therefore, useful temperature measurements can only be made by inserting thermometers through a small drilled hole, into the core of the fish. Such core temperature readings are, of course, most important at the outlet of the After Freezer but taking some readings at the outlet of the Brine Freezer can be useful in establishing an optimum balance between Brine and After Freezer.

Brine freezing and how it might add to your daily production

7.5 Ton Brine Freezing Deck Box
Drop in 80 tuna at 15 lbs each = 1200lbs
Reduce from 80°F to 15°F back bone temp.
Approx. 4 hours x 6 loads / day
7200 lbs per day
Drop in 1200 lbs a 15°F back bone temp fish into After Freezer every 4 hours.
Reduce temp. to -40°F
27060 BTUs

Sodium Chloride Brine Tables

How to use a Salometer


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